We elected her to approach our teacher on the matter.

That was nothing.

His talk distracted her from grief.

The stupidity of animal-rights activists knows no boundaries.


A combination of parties formed the new government.

He couldn't fulfill a promise he had made to his father.

It's more than enough.


He signed off from wine.

Could you pass me the salt?

This class is made up of thirty-five pupils.

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I found it by chance.


I just thought of a great idea.

Last night was unusually cold.

I didn't make it up there.

Sofia doesn't believe in evolution.

I'll have to meet you there.

Novo wants to know what to do with all the stuff you left in his garage.

The flowers were bright and colourful.


Rick was lucky that he didn't get hurt more than he did.

I've wasted my money.

Why are you here when you should be in school?

Florence was for me a life buoy in the sea of life.

It was no one's fault.

He looked at all the beautiful things in my house.

Once the complaining starts, it never ends.

The magician's tricks surprised us.

It was a collaborative effort.

Do we have more unanswered letters?

Did you call a doctor?

Every imaginable means.

Are you angry with him?

What's the fastest way to get to the airport?

I put your suitcases in your room.

I just need to tell you this.

He lives somewhere about here.

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There was no furniture in that room.


There are bedsteads screwed to the floor. Men in blue hospital dressing-gowns, and wearing nightcaps in the old style, are sitting and lying on them. These are the lunatics.

I want nothing to do with this.

How did you guys meet?


I'll stay a while longer if you want me to.

I hope you had a good time at the party.

Choose the one.

They live in a rundown tenement on 5th St.

I used to think no one cared.

It's very near. Its a five minute walk.

This bag is mine.

My lower left back tooth hurts.

Anybody can read it.

He traveled to Hawaii with the family.

I'm ambidextrous.

I ordered a BLT sandwich.

Nikolai hoped Kory would be impressed.


Eric played a sweet tune on the piano.

What's Colin so happy about?

Dan was my boyfriend when I was in high school.

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I made every effort to realize the plan but after all it turned out to be in vain.


Vicki shut the door and went upstairs.

I'll tell you what, if I can get my work done, I'll come out tonight.

Please find her.

We went out for a pizza last night.

That boy speaking English is taller than me.


She respects her homeroom teacher a lot.

Parks are to the city what lungs are to the animal.

He's too cute for words!

Wilson smoothed her hair.

Raif car-pools with friends to save on parking fees in the city.

Which present shall I take to the party?

They lost the Scotland match in the last five minutes.

That doesn't really make sense.

I can't trust you.

Kevin needs to get to the hospital immediately.

What's your favorite color for carpets?

We're not going anywhere now.

Where were you planning to put all this stuff?

This is my friend Rachel. We went to school together.

Let's compromise.


Sergiu's the last person I would've expected to have a heart attack.

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Did you make anything I can start on now?


I find it difficult to believe.

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Drifting off to sleep again, the same dream returned, three times in all.

How many tiles will we need?

None of the former heads of State improved the standard of living of the French.


You just don't do anything wrong.

My aunt had been in the hospital for a week when I visited her.

Look how happy Subra is.

The train had already left by the time I got to the station.

We are very grateful for what you did.

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It hasn't been easy for them.

I approached my father about an increase in allowance.

I don't lend books to friends or enemies.

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I think the reason that he killed his wife is still a mystery.

Jun left his wallet on the table.

This is the strangest thing I've ever done.

There's been a series of robberies in the Boston area.

Marnix might have eaten before he came.

Luis is going abroad next year.

He thought I was stupid.


I formed balls from the elastic dough and the apple and added them to the pot of boiling oil.

A hinny is a hybrid offspring of two species, a male horse and a female donkey.

We kept quiet.

No matter what I did, Ken wouldn't listen to me.

I'd like to meet them.

We have to get her out of here.

She's the real racist for saying that.

It is not possible to conceive without perceiving.

You write better than I do.

I met him three years ago.

We're going away.

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He might be at home.

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Maybe this opinion is correct.

Vern is in shock.

I live in Riga.

I don't know what could have happened to it.

I can't believe Trying made that kind of mistake.


The submarine can dive up to 300 meters.


Sofia and Jisheng were walking through the park, holding hands.

Artificial light is produced by electricity.

You lied to us, didn't you?

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It depends on what you mean.


Graham will show you how to do it.

The card you drew was a red, wasn't it?

Do you go often?

I did this myself.

I told you not to give me a hickey!


Why are you home?

I'll take whatever I can.

I feel very strongly about it.

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Klaudia isn't going to like it.

Why are you so angry today?

I don't really like the way Mr. Jackson teaches.

Pantelis made Trying wait.

Do you believe in the existence of ghosts?

I overslept.

What has made you decide to work for our company?

Look at what we have so far.

I wish I had had my seat belt on.


Children shouldn't be spoiled.

Missouri was part of the Louisiana territory.

I'm thinking of going to Disneyland on my next date with Jane.


This really blew my mind.

Are nations the last stage of evolution in human society?

What's Kevin so upset about?

He could only laugh at the joke.

That's their business.


Where's your wife?

I don't think that men are more interested in sex than women.

Do thou what's straight still crooked deem; Thy greatest art still stupid seem, And eloquence a stammering scream.

I cannot help you. I myself need help.

I made up my mind, then and there, that I would get the necessary million dollars within a week.

I remember his words.

You need sleep.

I don't want to know his name.

You have it all backwards.

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You'll see it.


I'll do what the boss tells me to do.

Claude gave me something I really wanted for my birthday.

I grabbed a book off the shelf.


I hold you ever dearer.

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I guess we're even now.

They clung together for warmth.

The man pleaded self-defence.

That white building is a morgue.

I'm in a bad mood today.

How do you use this camera?

Did Dominick say anything about what happened?